Making Money with Incoterms(R) 2010
ICC Publication No. 984E,
2017 Edition
Member 1,920 Baht / Non Member 2,400 Baht

In most negotiations for imports and exports there are four primary areas buyers and sellers discuss. These four areas are possession of the goods during transportation, transfer of risk or responsibility, title transfer, and payment terms. 

Of these four areas, the most important is the negotiation over the transfer of possession during transportation. 

Landed cost, or total cost of ownership, is the sum of all costs to get the product that was purchased to its destination. 

This book is addressing the strategy and tactics of negotiating the minimization of landed cost and the maximization of profit for both international and domestic transactions, from the perspective of both purchasing and sales. 

Making Money with Incoterms(R) 2010 is addressed to the largest group of importers and exporters: those who sell goods either as LCL, or in full containers by ocean, air or truck. 

Most traders will be using only a few Incoterms(R) Rules. For this reason, this publication will address those Incoterms(R) Rules in depth that are most applicable to most companies that participate in international trade.

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