2014 Annual Review of Intl. Banking Law & Practice

ICC Pub. No. 978

2014 Edition

Member 3,640 Baht / Non Member 4,550 Baht

Every year, the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice brings you the latest developments in the field in an all-in-one reference tool. The 2014 Annual Review contains over 550 pages on a handy, fully searchable USB device and features the world’s only annual record of court activity regarding LCs and guarantees, plus the year’s significant writing on banking law and practice.

This year’s edition includes an overview of International Banking Law & Practice in 2013 and expert articles on:

 -  Counter Undertakings; 
 -  the latest ICC Opinions; 
 -  Islamic Trade Financing; 
 -  the revised ISBP, 
 -  ISP98
 -  URDG758, 
 -  and more.

The volume also contains 112 LC and Guarantee cases from 11 countries and regions with critical lessons for practice including:

 -  troublesome interpretations of UCP;
 -  incorrect refusal to honor; 
 -  FIDIC as Receiver 
 -  and others.

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