Fighting Corruption International Corporate Integrity Handbook

ICC Pub. No. 678

2008 Edition

Member 2,800 Baht / Non Member 3,500 Baht

Corruption has a corrosive impact on international business. Fighting Corruption lays out the problems and offers practical solutions on how to attack commercial dishonesty at its source. In the third edition of this highly acclaimed volume, ICC experts offer solutions to combat this scourge of global trade and investment.

Completely updated from the second edition, Fighting Corruption includes new material covering the changing views of facilitation payments, the recent UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and valuable tips on how to prevent extortion. Including subjects as diverse as money laundering, the role of agents, extortion, accounting and whistleblowing, this invaluable book will be the tool of reference for managers, compliance officers, lawyers and anyone concerned with stamping out bribery, extortion and the other evils associated with corruption.


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