ICC Model International Trademark Licence

ICC Pub. No. 673

2008 Edition

Member 2,600 Baht / Non Member 3,250 Baht

ICC Model International Trademark License addresses the situation where the owner of a well-known trademark licenses the trademark to a company which will use it with respect to products not manufactured or sold by the licensor. In this case, it is assumed that the licensed products will be designed and developed by the licensee, and that the main preoccupation of the licensor is to ensure that the licensed products conform to the overall image of the licensor and its trademarks.

Parties are advised to use ICC Model International Trademark License as a basis for negotiation and for drawing up their own contracts, possibly with the assistance of a lawyer with international expertise. ICC Model International Trademark License is another important resource for attorneys and companies engaged in international trade. It carries the authority of ICC, the organization that pioneered many of the basic rules and mechanisms at the heart of international business. The paper version of this ICC Model Contract also contains the text of the contract on a CD-Rom.

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