ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2018 Issue 2


2018 Edition


Issue 2 2018 includes:

  • Message from Alexis Mourre, President of the International Court of Arbitration, on the renewal of the Court and its unprecedented gender parity and increased diversity
  • Three Commentaries: ICC & UNCITRAL as Makers of Norms in International Arbitration, Arbitration in the Automotive Industry (a study of awards, including ICC unpublished awards), and Keeping International Arbitration on Trend
  • Practice & Procedure: 2017 Statistical Report
  • Developments in India, Brazil and Ukraine: respectively on foreign practice in international arbitration, a new law on Dispute Board, and a procedural major reform  
  • News from the latest ICC Events:  Energy disputes, Managing a construction case, a mediator’s insight of ICC’s Mediation competition
  • Book reviews: Featuring the ICC Institute Prize winning thesis, and a treatise on multi-party and multi-contract disputes in construction arbitration.

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