Meeting Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Opportunities in Trade Finance Seminar

12 September 2018

8.30 – 17.00 hrs.

Ballroom 2, S31 Sukhumvit Hotel



“Digitalisation of Trade”

  • What inhibits the use of eUCP or URBPO?
  • Do banks and corporates understand where the BPO fits in the Trade Service Utility offered by SWIFT?
  • Is the market perception of eUCP usage wrong?
  • Will digitalisation appeal to the majority of banks, importers and exporters? What are the incentives to change to electronic documents or data?


 “Getting your house in order”

  • How to address current concerns and issues, to ensure that sustainable business is available when digitalization is up and running at a reasonable level?
  • Are these concerns and issues of our own making? What are the remedies?
  • Paper and electronic will live side-by-side. Will you be in one or both camps?
  • Making the existing trade finance products work better and have more appeal to the corporate market.


Who should attend?

  • Bankers, Traders, Corporates                       
  • Insurance / Transport companies
  • Export / Import companies working with documentary credits                
  • Corporate credits and Risk management
  • Lawyers / Consultants in Banking practice area

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