ICC is relaunching Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP), a global initiative to stem counterfeiting and piracy. In line with ICC’s purpose to enable business to secure peace, prosperity and opportunity for all, the initiative will relaunch with a new, roundbreaking objective to develop cuttingedge technology platforms that help tackle and eliminate the scourge of counterfeiting and piracy. A safer supply chain means fewer costs for business.

Having accumulated 15-years of experience in driving key outcomes and achievements in fighting counterfeiting, BASCAP has also produced a range of informative reports underscoring the impacts of counterfeiting and the value of intellectual property. BASCAP has also published consumer surveys and policy recommendations-namely on the Roles and Responsibilities of Intermediaries in the supply chain, combatting illicit trade in the world’s Free Trade Zones and the Impact of Counterfeiting on Governments and Consumers. These reports provide the research and data needed to support government advocacy efforts relating to key issues of importance to the global business community and consumers alike. BASCAP’s guiding principle is to use its resources to assist the anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy community, spurring targeted government action through high-level advocacy, or changing public perception through delivery of key messages. BASCAP’s work plan focuses on five key principles:

1. Promoting more effective public policy, legislation and industry best practices

2. Pressing regional and national governments to strengthen IP enforcement

3. Leveraging International Governmental Organisations (IGOs)

4. Publishing leading reports to shape government agendas and priorities

5. Building global public awareness

The BASCAP relaunch virtual event on Thursday 16 July.2020. Slides shown during the meeting can be found here https://www.dropbox.com/s/z90xfj06q6juyqi/ICC%20BASCAP%20Relaunch%20for%20NCs-16%20July_cut%20video.mp4?dl=0&_cldee=c2FyZWV5YUBpY2N0aGFpbGFuZC5vci50aA%3d%3d&recipientid=contact-0a81b812c3fee811a99e000d3ab384bc-b1a42ee75f8d4aa18b659486746318ba&esid=59ce78ed-36cb-ea11-a812-000d3aba77ea